Window Blinds Glasgow: Know the Right Material for Your Blinds

Window blinds are often used to minimize sunlight entering our home but other than that it adds style to a room. We consider a lot of things when purchasing blinds because we want it to fit perfectly in our home. Whether its Venetian blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, perfect fit blinds or day and night blinds, we will always consider the look, the materials used and its fitting. We make sure that every detail we want will be met.

Window blinds Glasgow listed out the common materials used in blinds for you to further familiarize yourself and here are those:

  1. Wood. If you are aiming for a vintage and versatile look, this material screams nothing but style. Whether you want it stained or painted, wooden blinds will not just help you achieve the elegance you want but it will also give you insulation in your room. It is a good choice because it provides the privacy you need. It is thick enough to hide even the shadows and outlines of people and objects in a room. However, wooden blinds are costly and hard to maintain especially depending on the area it would be installed in. These blinds are not meant for humid or wet areas like the kitchen or bathroom because it may crack or warp.
  2. Faux wood. If you love the look of wooden blinds but it costs way over your budget, you can opt out for this material. Blinds Glasgow says that faux wood is way cheaper than wood and you don’t have to compromise on the style that you want. It is also lighter and easy to maintain. Faux wood has strong resistance to moisture that makes it more long lasting and durable. If you are environment sensitive, not only you help lessen the count of trees getting cut but you are sure that this material is recyclable.
  3. Metal or Aluminum. Aluminum is the metal used for metal blinds because it’s light weight and cheap. This material is commonly used for Venetian blinds. If you have a kid at home you may have to cross this off your list because this material when used in blinds may be sharp enough to give you cuts.
  4. Plastic or PVC. PVC is commonly used for plastic blinds. This material is the cheapest material you can use for your blinds. It is very easy to maintain but be careful and avoid using strong detergents or cleaner. PVC blinds have chlorine in them which also makes it fire retardant. If maintained properly it can last for more than 10 years.
  5. Fabric. This material is commonly used for roller and vertical blinds. Synthetic fabric is now available in the market which costs cheaper. It has a wide range of design and color whether you want it plain or patterned. For roller blinds Glasgow, you have an option on the fabrics opacity. It also adds insulation to the room without blocking the view.

It is better that you know what material you want to be used for your blinds so you can maximize its use and save money without compromising the room’s look.

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